Greater Los Angeles

A place that I have started exploring during my college years, I want to share some of the trendy and classic eats in this area.


Blackbird pizza shop

Located in Melrose, Los Angeles, this is a small pizza shop and bar with a variety of beer and wine selections. The waiters are super attentive and know how to cater to everyone’s taste. We ordered the Balls Deep Dish Pizza, Margarita Thin Pizza (for comparison), and a Beef Side Pasta. I think this was the best pizza I’ve ever had in Los Angeles. I am no expert when it comes to Chicago Deep Dish styled pizza, but the crust on this was just so crispy and garlicky while the cheese, meat, and sauce was not too overwhelming. Each bite was perfect and we finished every last bit.

Visited March 2019

Soh Grill House

Located in Pasadena, ended up here for my belated birthday celebration and we decided to order the Lucky Split to try out their selection of meat. It came with prime top blade, pork jowl (my kbbq cut favorite of all time), pork belly, and bulgogi. I love their aesthetics more than their food. The presentation for the meat was on point. I think my eyes feasted more than my tastebuds, not saying that it was not tasty, I’ve just had better elsewhere for a better price.

Visited December 2018

Blue Daisy

Located in Santa Monica, there is no way you can miss this brunch spot! Their smoked salmon eggs benedict and zucchini fritters really made this meal a great start to a Sunday morning. They were slightly skimpy on the side salad, but that’s ok because I didn’t really come here for that.

Visited June 2018

Howlin’ Rays

Located in Chinatown, Los Angeles, they are known for their Nashville styled Hot Chicken Sandwich. I’ve been here twice despite the long wait. First time was about 1.45 hours and the second being 3 hours in the rain. Both were worth every second I stood in line. I always go for their medium chicken sandwich and shake fries with a drink. Their peach tea and lemonade combo is to die for (I’m an Arnold Palmer enthusiast)

Visited June 2018

Cookies & Cream

Located in South Pasadena, they are a mom and pop shop with unique ice cream flavor combinations. They also have a wall of plushies, which is to die for. I opted for the Purple Lavender and Lava Rock combination because I love nutty and floral flavors.

Visited February 2018


Hui Tou Xiang

Located in San Gabriel, it is a fairly small restaurant located in an equally small plaza. Parking is tough, but their spicy dumplings, potstickers, and green onion pancakes are worth the inconveniences.

Visited February 2018


Kitchen Sooda

Located in Koreatown, Los Angeles, they sell more than just their famous Bul-dak fondu. From pastas to shelled fish, they bring a kick of spice in their dishes.

Visited December 2017


Killer Noodle Tsujita

Located in Sawtelle, if you are feeling like testing your limit of mala (numbing spicy), definitely check out this place. I personally like the dry style because the spice is more concentrated and adding chasiu and their onsen egg helps with calming down the burn.

Visited November 2017


Koreatown Pizza Co

Located in you guessed it, Koreatown. Stopped by for their hyped Kingsman pizza, it has a sweet potato filled crust and the toppings include cheese, corn, bulgogi, and a blooming onion. Interesting and tasty combination, hard to consume, requires a fork and knife.

Visited October 2017



Located in Venice, as an egg connoisseur, I needed to try their famous sandwich and slut. It was delicious but not what I expected since it has a large price tag for what it is. 

Visited September 2017